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The Wave
Three Piece Carved Sandstone Candle Holder Set

The Wave Three Piece Carved Sandstone Candle Holder Set

This set is comprised of three pieces, each a different height and carved in a wave pattern. It was carved using the same techniques and the last of the stone left over from one of my other projects to make a wedding present for my brother.

If you’re interested in how the set was carved, the details can be found here.

Together the three pieces are designed to complement each other as the candles burn casting pools of light on each other highlighting the different features or layers found in the natural sandstone.

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The Set

All three pieces have a base diameter of about 6.8 cm that is lined with a felt foot to protect delicate surfaces. Together they weigh in at about 2kg, are all carved in a similar wave pattern but vary in height ranging from 10 to 14cm tall.

The Set

The Pieces

Carved sandstone candle holder

The smallest piece in the collection, as mentioned above stands about 10 cm tall. The top of the piece is angled along the line of a natural fracture in the rock and as such has been left in its natural state.

At about 12cm tall the middle sized piece shares the same design as its smaller counterpart. The top of this piece however had to be ground down to match the angle meaning that the top has a smooth surface.

Carved sandstone candle holder
Carved sandstone candle holder

The tallest of the pieces measures in at around 14cm tall. However, unlike its counterparts it has a flat top, tapers slightly toward the top revealing another natural fracture in the rock and the wave pattern folds back on itself.

The Details

The set includes:

Piece One: Height - 10cm, Diameter - 6.8 cm, Weight - 500g.
Piece Two: Height - 12cm, Diameter - 6.8 cm, Weight - 600g.
Piece Three: Height - 14cm, Diameter - 6.8 cm, Weight - 700g.

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I love all your candle holders, unusual and fun!

"auntie" Jacqui. lol

Posted by jacqui hudson on Saturday, 26.11.11 @ 07:36am

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