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Dremel High Speed Rotary Tool

Dremel High Speed Rotary Tool

My Dremel High speed rotary tool is probably the most useful piece of hardware that I own. I have literally lost count of the different jobs that I’ve used it for working on materials as ranging from soft rubber through to stone and steel.

Why is it so versatile? Well, it comes down to two things. The variable speed motor allows you to adjust the tools cut rate to suite the material that you are working with and the truly vast range of bits and accessories available mean that it’s suitable for working with just about any material you can imagine.

Why Dremel specifically? To be honest, it was the first brand I owned and it stood up to all the punishment I put it through so well that when it did finally wear out, I just went out and bought a replacement without even looking at the alternatives. Yes, there are cheaper models out there, but when it comes to the main unit I prefer to stick with a reliable brand.

This said, my brand loyalty does not extend to the bits and accessories. There are many, many alternatives out there that are a fraction of the price of the branded Dremel bits. Having tried both varieties, the branded Dremel bits just aren’t worth the price premium.

Dremel Bits

In case you are interested in which model I use, it is the Dremel 4000 series machine that came in a kit with a small work table from Bunning’s, the local hardware warehouse. As for the bits, the best supplier I’ve found is widgetsupply.com in the United States. They have the lowest prices I’ve seen, a huge range and ship globally. So far I’ve had absolutely no problems ordering from them for delivery to Australia.